Antone Pryor, PhD

Dr. Antone Pryor, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Personal Statement

I established the Front Street Clinic nearly 28 years ago with the hope of bringing together, under one roof, a group of highly qualified associates who could offer a broad range of quality psychological, counseling and psychiatric treatment based on the best scientific evidence based models and research. I feel that the Front Street Clinic with offices in Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island, Silverdale and Seattle has realized that goal. My father used to say that psychologists are people whose heads are not screwed on straight and who are really trying to figure themselves out. Not really an original thought but clearly one that should have precluded me from ever considering Psychology as a profession. So after majoring in engineering, and in the spirit of adolescent rebellion, I promptly changed directions and returned to school to become a psychologist. Once again validating the wisdom of fathers. Upon completing my Doctorate degree I taught Psychology for the University of Maryland in the Far East for a number of years and I feel that it was there that my real education began. Introduced to cultures that had investigated the nature of consciousness and practiced self awareness for over 2500 years my perspectives were forever changed. With the belief that these practices held great promise for changing lives in ways that my academic education had never fully appreciated I returned to the United States in 1980 to begin my own practice. In the years that have passed I have found that the beliefs born of that cross cultural germination have been validated by the emergence of new models of psychotherapy that have since become mainstream in terms of their application to psychological and counseling practices in the West. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness along with Cognitive Behavioral treatment are now taught at every major university and have, for over thirty years. provided the philosophical basis of my work. Joseph Campbell, the wonderful mythologist, once said; “If you would teach people how to live in this world you must teach them how to live in the joyful sorrow and sorrowful joy of life as it is”. It has been my privilege to support my patients in their journey of self understanding, even as they have challenged me, to remain mindful of my own. 


Psychological Evaluation & Psychotherapy Psychological Testing

Specialized Services: 

Couples, Individuals and families


AA Degree: Southern Utah State University B.S., M.S., PhD. University Of Utah



Associate Professor: University of Maryland; Far East Division Director of Psychological Services for Raleigh Hills Hospital; Salt Lake City, Utah

Director of Psychological Services for Osteopathic Hospital; Grand Junction, Colorado Psychologist in Private Practice for 38 years. Consultant to St. Cabrini Hospital Seattle, Naval Hospital, Bremerton, Harrison Hospital, Bremerton

Office Locations


Port Orchard